Radicals Everywhere You Look!

Van Jones

In my continuing mission to bring attention to the ultra-liberal radicals our Socalist President has in his inner circle, I provide you information on this week’s crazy person…Van Jones.  The president’s un-elected un-confirmed non-accountable Green Jobs Csar is a self proclaimed communist and has a long history of participating in radical organizations.

Here is another good friend of Obama and an advisor to the President of the United States.  The quotes from Jones are incredible.  Luckily, there is ample video available for you to see for yourself that this radical hates this Country, but our Socialist President considers him a good friend and valuable member of his administration.

Here is a video of Jones telling a group of other radicals that Republicans are “assholes”  (his words, not mine):


That is the type of class that this Country really needs.  Can’t you just feel the Obama administration reaching out to all the citizens of this Country.  I think someone forgot to tell the socialist that he now represents all Americans.  I have two comments about the video.  One, I agree with him when he describes himself as an “asshole” (his words, not mine). Two, the question he was answering is excellent.  The Democrats have huge majorities in both Houses of Congress, they should be able to pass any legislation they want, but for bickering in their own party, they have not accomplished a single thing.

Okay, here is a video where this close advisor to the President of the United States says that white polluters and white environmentalists are steering poison into people of color communities.


Maybe I haven’t done a good enough job convincing you that this racist America hating communist should not be an advisor to the President or be paid with our tax dollars.  If you are still not convinced, Glenn Beck did a short video on Jones that will give you all kinds of background and reasons he should not be anywhere near a president:


We have to take a stand on the radicals dictating policy in Washington, DC.  Obama’s administration of radicals is doing everything they can to rip this Country apart.  Let your voices be heard in opposition.  Tell your elected representatives that we are not socialists, or communists, or anarchists.  We are a freedom loving people, and if Obama and his radical cohorts get their way, we will all be good little submissive drones.

2 Responses to Radicals Everywhere You Look!

  1. Ben Hoffman says:

    Van Jones is no more radical than our former vice-president Dick Cheney who told Senator Patrick Leahy to go f*ck himself and wanted to use the National Guard on citizens in Buffalo (among other things).

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