Nobel? What a Joke!


When people ask me about the academic prowess of my son, which is prolific, I often say that I would not be surprised to see him win a Nobel Prize in Physics or Chemistry one day.  With our socialist President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize after only 11 days in office, I guess the bar for special recognition has been significantly lowered to the point where I should start saying that I hope my son can read dramatically from a teleprompter.  It is so sad that this is our new standard of excellence.

Do you remember the first 11 days of our socialist’s Presidency?  I don’t really remember any earth-shattering events.  I remember seeing many speeches that offered “hope and change” to the downtrodden.  I remember Obama pushing a Stimulus bill that he said had to be passed immediately or unemployment might reach 8.5%.  Here we are pushing 10%, I wonder why his words didn’t stop the economic collapse.  His vague words of “hope and change“ were enough for those panderers in Stockholm to give an award for what he said he may do.

When preparing to write this Blog entry, I was encouraged to look at the only other sitting President of the United States to receive the award, President Woodrow Wilson.  After 7 years in office, leading the Country through World War I, creating the League of Nations, and crafting the Treaty of Versailles, President Wilson was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  His accomplishments seem pale in comparison to Obama’s 11 day reign over the Country, his eloquent speeches, and the thoughts of what he may be able to accomplish with just the wave of his hand.

I guess you probably get the feeling from my writing that I do not believe that President Obama deserves any prize.  That is true, but giving our top socialist a prize is the result of far more nefarious motivations and social attitudes that seek to further destroy the fabric of this Country.  Firstly, I’m sure Obama and his merry band of leftists truly believe that he is absolutely deserving of special recognition for his 11 days in office.  As far as they are concerned, he is entitled to this simply because he has said he will deliver “hope and change,” even if he really hasn’t and he may never do anything.  This insipid entitlement philosophy permeates the entire leftist movement, and is ripping the drive for excellence out of the very soul of the Country.

Secondly, by giving the savior his award, I believe the “Stockholmians” are attempting to affect the foreign policy of America.  How can a Nobel Peace Prize winner order 60,000 more troops into Afghanistan to perform missions that may not always be peaceful?  How can we protect liberty around the world as a Country with a leader that is a beacon of peace by sending troops carrying guns that are definitely not peaceful.  This thinly veiled attempt to tie our hands will probably work in our current socialist administration. 

What is truly sad is that I’m sure Obama said to himself “It’s about time, I’ve deserved this award for a long time.”  He and his leftist administration delude themselves that they have actually had some affect on the world.  His 2009 apology tour, as I described in my entry entitled “Panderer in Chief” must have really worked in Europe.  Luckily, I, and many other Americans see through this fraud of a president and can’t wait for 2012. This awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama has shown this award is a joke.

2 Responses to Nobel? What a Joke!

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  2. Alex says:

    This the latest, and perhaps most prolific example, of how the world today has come to value what a man say rather than what a man does. The days of a man’s “word” carrying weight because he does what he says he’s gonna do no longer exist. I remember it taking an exponential turn in this direction when someone said that he had not had sex with a certain woman, and was then proven to be a liar. The media refused to acknowledge the fact that he lied to us through their medium and instead salivated for the next soundbyte. Our leaders have become cliche machines, meaningless words without substance, and we have let them.

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