It’s The People’s Seat

In this current era of a grumpy electorate, of which I am a proud member, it is the little hints of elitism that go mostly unnoticed that burn me up.  The most recent example from the Democrat Party is the sense of entitlement to a Senate seat in Massachusetts.  I have seen many articles this week denouncing the fact that, God forbid, a Republican may win Ted Kennedy’s Seat!  You remember Teddy, right?  If you are to believe the Democrats and the disbelieving media, that “pillar of virtue’s” seat has no business being occupied by a Republican.

Here are a few statistics for your information.  I know you will never hear them from the media, because remember, that seat belongs to the Kennedys.  The State of Massachusetts has had 46 Senators in their history.  Guess which party has had the most?  Republicans at 16.  There have been 15 Federalists, 9 Whigs, and bringing up the rear, Democrats with 6.  I know what you are saying…Teddy was there for more than 40 years, that has to be worth something.  Not to confuse my liberal friends with facts, let’s look at years in office.  If you add up all the years of both seats in the Senate, there have been 377 years of service from Senators in MA.  Guess who has the most, yep, Republicans, 192 years, or 51% of the time.  Next in line are those Democrats with 32%.  Federalists had 10% and Whigs had 8%.  It doesn’t really seem like Teddy’s or even a Democrat’s seat to me.

The Republican that dares to infiltrate the sacred seat is Scott Brown.  As far as the Democrats and an incredulous group of liberal media are concerned, no Republican is worthy of being a Senator from MA.  It mystifies them that Lt. Colonel and State Senator Brown is actually ahead by 3 points in the most recent polls.

To his credit, Mr. Brown reminded the members of the media and the Democrat party that the vacant Senate seat actually belongs to the people of MA, not the Kennedy mob.  The liberal media doesn’t seem to understand that the American people are upset.  Even the traditionally liberal voters of MA can see that the socialist policies of this current administration will lead us to destruction, or at least bankruptcy. 

If Mr. Brown does win Tuesday, there may be a chance to stop the government takeover of the healthcare system.  If you live in MA, make sure you vote Tuesday.  If you can support the campaign with a donation, I urge you to help.  Here’s a link to Mr. Brown’s web site:

Lets show the media, liberal Congress members, and our socialist President what is in store for them come November.

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