A Present For Our 1 Year Anniversary

I thought it was appropriate that on the one year anniversary of our national catastrophe, we pause to reflect on the direction of this Country.  I started to write this blog just 4 months after the inauguration of our socialist President.  It didn’t take a clairvoyant to see that the liberal policies of this administration would drive us to the brink of bankruptcy, socialism, and a total break-away from the principles that made this Country great.

As we as a Country were looking into the abyss, one small beacon of light appeared in the Northeast.  It wasn’t Scott Brown, he just happened to be the name on the ballot.  The true patriots were the people of Massachusetts.  Descendents of the people that suffered through the Boston Massacre and stormed British ships to have a giant Tea Party and said NO to taxation without representation, overlooked partisan politics and sent a message to the liberal elites in Washington that even though Democrats outnumber Republicans in the State by a 3 to 1 margin, a Republican was elected as a Senator.

This is an important day.  We should look back and resolve that we will not let the media force feed us a candidate by censoring information for their own liberal agendas.  It makes me feel all warm inside that we can count on the American people to see through the spin, half-truths, and outlandish campaign rhetoric.  The people of Massachusetts reminded the elected officials that they work for us.  This should make Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest of the Democrat party shake in their boots.

I never thought I would ever have these words come out of the end of my fingers…thanks to the people of Massachusetts for slowing down the march toward socialism.  Thanks for standing up and saying no to big government, high taxes, and government takeovers.  God Bless You.

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