Country Under Seige

Having been in law enforcement for more than 23 years, I have developed an attitude that we should not accept lawlessness. When criminals believe they can act with impunity, it is up to the official charged with protecting the citizenry to step up, take action, and return the affected areas to a condition that allows law abiding citizens to feel secure in their person. It is disgusting that the Federal government does not see this situation the same way.

Since October 2006, 3500 acres in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge have been off-limits to American citizens because of the danger of violent drug traffickers entering the United States of America from Mexico. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service closed the area and said they have no plans to re-open it. I guess they will just ignore the problem, keep closing areas of the Country, and hope the lawlessness stops.

This situation is completely unacceptable. We cannot allow pieces of our nation, our National Parks, or our cities to be ruled by criminals. I can see the meeting with my bosses now. “Captain, there is a significant amount of gang activity in neighborhood X. Please do something about it.” I don’t think I would last very long if my response was to make the area off-limits to law abiding citizens. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service posted signs to keep us out of areas in the park. I guess I could ask them to send me some signs to put up around neighborhood X. That would do the trick! NOT! I think my bosses would say something like “If you can’t get the problem solved, we’ll find someone who can.” That needs to be done here.

We need to control our borders and punish those who cannot respect our laws. Intense enforcement action of drug and immigration laws should be vigorously implemented. It is a travesty of justice that parts of America can be closed because we refuse to stand up for law. Can you imagine shutting down portions of Washington D.C.? This is no different. We must require the officials charged with protecting the Country to do their jobs, or they should be replaced.

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