We Are Not a Third Party

September 16, 2010

I still blame millionaire Ross Perot for Bill Clinton.  Perot spent millions of his own money in a failed campaign for the Presidency.  Perot was (still is?) a conservative and the votes he got would have been cast for George H. W. Bush.  By splitting the Republican vote, the Country got stuck with Bill Clinton who won the election by a plurality. 

I have heard a lot of talk about “Tea Party Candidates” that are splitting the votes and causing havoc in the Republican Party.  The people talking about the Tea Party like they are outsiders are mistaken.  The vast majority of us that identify ourselves as members of the Tea Party are Republicans.  We just happen to be more conservative than the recent leadership of the party.

In the November election, there won’t be three candidates in most of these critical races.  The Republican will simply be a more conservative Republican.  The fact that a candidate identified themselves with the Tea Party movement only means they are not RINOs.  The Tea Party candidate won the Republican nomination and eliminated the establishment backed candidate in the primary. 

The Republican leadership seems taken aback that conservative candidates are beating the Party backed candidate.  We do not need to elect Republicans who vote like Democrats, or will be out there selling the tax payers down the river so they can “reach across the aisle.”  We don’t like liberal policies, and conservative members of Congress that identify themselves with the Tea Party will help stop the insane spending that is going on in Washington.

Speaking of three candidates on the ballot…Republican Marco Rubio has opened a 9.8 point lead over a flip flopping used to be a Republican but couldn’t accept defeat Crist.  Meek is so far back that he already updated his resume.  I’m sure Obama will make him the Czar of something.  Please support the Marco Rubio campaign.  Visit his website (http:marcorubio.com) and support a true conservative.  Marco Rubio will be a great advocate for conservatives, a defender of freedom, and the American way of life… things that are currently under attack in this Country.

You Get What You Elect

September 8, 2010

I go to the Drudge Report every day to read articles and see what is going on around the Country.  Today a headline caught my attention and I went to CBS New York to read the article.  The headline read “Long Island Man Arrested for Defending Home With AK-47”. 

It seems Mr. George Grier had approximately 20 gang members on his property threatening him, so he shot four rounds into the ground to scare them away.  Mr. Grier got arrested.  I could write a blog about defending yourself or your property, or our right to bear arms, but I would like to explore the type of elected leadership you get in liberal states. 

You may not think local elections are important, but maybe you should go ask Mr. Grier.  I think the outcome of this situation would be considerably different if Mr. Grier lived in a “Red” state.  The local police would probably try to actually arrest the gang members, or maybe even police the neighborhood so that roving gangs wouldn’t harass citizens in their homes.

As I read the comments to the article, there was plenty of outrage.  Unfortunately, the location of the people making the comments was not listed.  I wonder if Mr. Grier’s New York neighbors feel this outrage.  Do his neighbors think it is just fine for families to be accosted on their property by gang members?  I’m sure the gang members are simply misunderstood.  They are probably in need of more government sponsored social services.

If there are any outraged New Yorkers, they have only themselves to blame.  If you elect liberals to office, you have to live with the laws they create.  Remember that in November.

Here’s the article:


A Good Day For A Walk

September 1, 2010

For the second year in a row, I will be travelling to Washington DC for the FreedomWorks 9/12 March on Washington entitled “Remember in November”.  This time my son will be going with me.  I am looking forward to participating in this event.  To be surrounded by so many patriots that realize a terrible mistake has been made with the election of our Socialist President makes you feel all warm inside.  I will again post pictures and comments from the march.

This rally and march should energize all freedom loving Americans to go to the polls in November and elect fiscal conservatives that will stop the crushing level of spending that continues to emanate from the Democrat party.  If you are able, I would encourage you to attend.  You will not be disappointed.

With the primaries over, the campaigns for many important seats are in full swing.  I continue to be impressed with Marco Rubio.  His depth of knowledge and stance on issues is refreshing.  He is running against an empty suit (Meek) and a sore loser (Crist).  Charlie said this week that now he supports the healthcare bill and would have voted for it.  That isn’t what he said when he was a Republican.  It sure looks to me like he will say anything. 

Meek should get pummeled in this race.  Whoever advised him to give up a Congressional seat he could have held for life gave him terrible advice.  I guess it’s back to Wackenhut for Kendrick.


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