34% ≠ 80%

July 15, 2011

Hello Everyone!

This summer we spent a couple of weeks in the northeast looking at schools for my son, and then we spent a week at Disney.  It is good to be home.  Now it is time to get to work and ensure that our socialist President is a one-termer!

Have you been watching the debt ceiling fight?  Obama wants to keep driving up the debt and even a few RINOs in Congress seem to want to help him.  I thik it is interesting that every Democrat senator voted against increasing the debt ceiling in 2006…including Senator Obama!  I think the American people are ready to seriously cut spending to get the debt under control.  Obama wants higher taxes.  Isn’t that a shocking revelation?  A socialist wants more of your tax money to pay for unnecessary, and probably unconstitutional, government programs, like Obamacare.

That is not really news, but what I found interesting is the argument Obama is making to raise taxes.  Obama said that 80% of Americans support raising taxes to deal with the debt.  Ummm…I don’t think so, but let’s look at actual survey results.  It turns out that Rasmussen Reports (no relation to this writer) did a survey on this question and only 34% of people support raising taxes.  How did the community activist get this so wrong?  I wonder if a staff member had the chart upside down? 

Small business is where the jobs are in this Country.  If you encourage the growth of small business more people will get to work.  The outrageous unemployment rate will come down, and more people will be paying taxes instead of collecting benefits.  Recently  Obama said he  doesn’t believe I am smart enough to understand economics, but I do understand that 80% does not equal 34%.

They ALL Have to Go!

April 9, 2011

I always say that I think I write better when I am upset.  That may or may not be true, but since we have had a Republican led House of Representatives, our socialist President hasn’t been able to forward any of his outrageous agenda.  Therefore, I haven’t really been motivated to rant on the blog.

Finally, both parties did something to make me mad yesterday. 

When you go to different political websites, you will see articles hailing the averted government shutdown.  How can any taxpayer be happy with a $38.5 billion reduction in spending?  I know I am not.  That amount of money may sound like a lot, but the Republican leadership promised a $100 billion cut this year.  I guess I am only 38.5% happy with them.  $38.5 billion is a drop in the bucket when you realize that in the last seven days, the Federal deficit rose by $54.1 billion.  So the Republican party is patting themselves on the back for a yearly savings that was wiped out in less than 5 days.  I guess we get screwed the other 360.

As for those silly Democrats, they are the reason we were in this situation of continuing resolutions and last minute deals to avoid the alleged government shutdown.  Remember that only about 30% of the government stops working on a shutdown.  The critical public safety areas continue, and so does Congress, lucky us.  You probably haven’t heard this on our state sponsored media outlets, but Congress last year, with a Democrat Senate, Democrat House, and a Democrat (or Socialist) President, neglected to pass a budget.  Talk about a spineless bunch.  They just kept spending money and raising the debt ceiling without passing a budget.  Wouldn’t it be great to run your life like that, a total lack of fiscal discipline.

Our national debt is now at $14,273,028,684,212.22.  Your share of the debt is $45,988.  That is outrageous.  We have to tell both parties that they need to stop overspending.  We are going to collapse under the weight of this debt.

The Next Two Years

February 24, 2011

I have been a little lazy for the past couple of months when it comes to writing in my blog.  Since the Democrat party was smacked around in November, there hasn’t been a lot coming out of Washington to get fired up about.  I always say that I think I write better and more passionately when I’m pissed off. 

I have heard many people say that with a split Congress we will have gridlock.  All I have to say about that is Thank God!  The last two years have been a bacchanalia of spending that had to be stopped.  With Reid, Pelosi, and Obama, incredible amounts of money was spent for ridiculous programs without opposition.  We got socialized medicine, government motors, and many more horrible laws that tried to turn us into good little socialists. 

The American people sent a strong message.  We are not a left leaning Country.  We treasure personal freedom and small government.  With a Republican House, our socialist President will be forced to move to the center to get anything accomplished.  His abomination of a presidency is more than half over.  Another reason to thank God.

In the next few months, the contenders for the Republican nomination for President will make themselves known.  I hope a true conservative moves forward to take the lead.  I’m sure I will have much to write about as the candidates are vetted.  I doubt our party will nominate a candidate that was brought into politics by a terrorist (Bill Ayers), has no job history other than a community organizer, and believes that America is evil so he has to go on a world tour to apologize for us.  And I thought Jimmy Carter was a horrible President.


January 3, 2011

Happy New Year everyone.  I pray that you have a wonderful and prosperous new year.  Millions of capitalists are counting on you!

Unfortunately, the bad news keeps coming with Obama at the helm…the U.S. Treasury reported that as of the last day of 2010, the National Debt stood at $14,025,215,218,708.52.  It took only 7 months for the National Debt to increase from $13 trillion to over $14 trillion on Dec. 31.

This is a national crisis that has to be dealt with immediately.  Repealling socalized medicine is a good start.  We have to cut spending.  I have seen many liberals writing about “gridlock”, but if that gridlock means we put a stop to this socialist administration’s policies, I’m all for it.  With this socialist in the White House, $20 trillion in debt cant be that far away.

Update:  Here is a stat I saw today, very telling.

In the 1,461 days that Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D.-Calif.) served as speaker of the House, the national debt increased by a total of $5.343 trillion ($5,343,452,800,321.37) or $3.66 billion per day ($3.657,394,113.84), according to official debt numbers published by the U.S. Treasury.

Groping or Non-Groping

November 22, 2010

Did I miss a recent high jacking?  I realize that about a year ago, a terrorist had an improvised explosive device in his underwear after getting on a plane in Amsterdam.  I also remember that idiot Napolitano didn’t seem too concerned about it.  Now, a year later, big sis has implemented outrageous screening of passengers including taking nude pictures.  If you don’t want the pictures, you can subject yourself to a full body search where a friendly TSA agent can grope you.

Most of you know I am a law and order guy.  Security has an important place in protecting the flying public.  I understand the need to x-ray luggage, send my shoes to be x-rayed, and walk through a metal detector.  The question comes down to how secure can we make our flights without each of us being shackled into a seat naked?  The TSA has existed for almost 10 years and they have kept US boarded flights safe without these draconian procedures.  Why the change now?

Just by living in the greatest country in the world, and no matter what our socialist president says, we are targets.  Thousands of people in this world would go to their deaths for the opportunity to kill Americans.  No matter how much security you deploy, there is always a chance that a terrorist will be successful.  The government cannot solve all our problems or make you completely safe.  There has to be a balance between making our flights safe and negatively impacting commerce.  We have gone over the edge.  This socialist administration will defend these infringements on our civil liberties because they know what is best for us.  How dare we question their actions? 

The real loser here will be the airline industry.  Obama and his hoodlums do not care if they drive the entire industry out of business, they can just bail them out with more printed money, or even better, take over the air transportation themselves.  They already have a car company! 

I think the TSA had been doing a good job in maintaining a balance of security and efficiency.  The security lines were never too long and we have that statistic where no planes have been taken.  The new measures are unnecessary and dilute the freedoms we are guaranteed.  We as a Country were warned about this incremental erosion of our liberties:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759 

Say no to these intrusive unnecessary searches.  Our liberty is far more important.  Just as an example, here is a video of a young boy being strip searched by TSA personnel that pushes common sense over the edge:


The Captain’s Recommendations

October 27, 2010

I have been asked several times for recommendations on the candidates.  I will give a few opinions on some of the elections. 

There are a couple of races I feel strongly about…Marco Rubio is heads and shoulders above the field.  I strongly encourage you to vote for him and send a true conservative to Washington.  If you have access to the Miami Herald, Morin’s cartoon today is very funny.  Crist is trying to get back in good with the Republicans.  Too late Charlie!

Lt. Col. Allen West is running against Representative Kline in House District 22.  Col. West is a strong conservative voice that will be a great servant of the people, just as he has done for the last 23 years in the Army. 

Joe Garcia and David Rivera are in a nasty fight for House seat 25.  These two crazed individuals are shining examples of the joke that politics has become.  When discussing this race, I find myself asking “Who will they caucus with?”  That makes the answer clear, vote Rivera.  Garcia is an extreme liberal, and will simply do what Obama tells him to.

If I was in Broward, I would get to vote against Debbie Wasserman Shultz.  Voting for the Republican would be a given.  Debbie, the attack dog of the Obama administration, should be sent on her way. 

There are several Constitutional Ammendments on the ballot.  I haven’t researched the questions, but former Governor Jeb Bush has made some recomendations.  I read his article and it sounds good to me.  Here is the link to that article:


Last but not least, the race for Florida Governor…I am at a loss here.  I have deep problems with both candidates.  Ms. Sink is too liberal and supports the socialist takeover of our healthcare system, wants more stimulus money, and loves our socialist in Chief.  Scott on the other hand, ran a company that defrauded the government, and ultimately you and I out of hundreds of millions of tax dollars.  He has been using “his own” (read our) money for his campaign.  I can’t in good conscience vote for either of these two.

The Two Largest Deficits in History

October 15, 2010

Here is another record and story the Obama administration would prefer you miss.  The Federal deficit for FY 2010 was $1.294 TRILLION.  There is some good news, that is actually down from our Socialist in Chief’s first year deficit of a record $1.4 Trillion.  For both his years in office, Obama has set the record for deficit spending.  How’s that for a resume builder?  I think the Democrats strategy to bury this story involves counting on most of their supporters watching Jerseylicious instead of news.

Any idea of what the deficit was in President Bush’s last full year in office?  $160 Billion.  This socialist and his buddies will bankrupt this Country if they are not stopped.  When you go to the polls in November, vote for the fiscal conservative.  We have to cut spending to get out of this mess Obama is creating. 

There is some good and bad news out of the State of Florida.  The good news is that Marco Rubio has increased his lead in the Senate race to over 16 points.  The recent debate showed why he is the candidate to vote for.  He is conservative and will stand up to help stop the insane march to socialism the current administration and congressional leadership are proposing.  I would not be surprised to see him as President in 12 years.

The bad news…I am at a loss as to who to vote for Governor.  Unfortunately, Scott beat McCollum and now we have to choose between an extreme liberal who will do exactly what Obama tells her (Sink), and a guy who probably defrauded the Federal government out of $300 million (Scott).  I don’t think I can vote for either of them.  I can’t believe Scott beat McCollum.  There is no viable candidate.


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